Arboricultural Services

Our skilled Arboricultural Consultants at LSC can support your project when it comes to development around trees, from BS 5837 surveys through to Root Protection Plans and Arboricultural Impact Assessments and replacement Tree Planting Specifications and Habitat Replacement.

BS 5837 Surveys

Surveys of trees to the British Standards (BS) 5837 criteria to provide information on the trees which are present on, or adjacent to, your site.

Arboricultural Method Statements

A Method Statement to provide detailed information on how onsite and offsite trees will be protected during works.

Arboricultural Impact Assessments

Assessments of how your project might impact upon onsite and offsite trees, based on tree survey results.

Planting and Habitat Creation

Planting schemes and specifications to develop new, healthy trees appropriate to your site and conditions.


Tree Protection Plans

An accurate plan showing the trees on your site; their canopies and root protection areas; and how your project can avoid impacting upon them.


Contact our skilled Arboricultural Consultants for advice on surveys, assessments and plans for your site.