Bat Surveys: Site Supervision

What is Site Supervision?

Site Supervision is sometimes referred to as a 'destructive survey' or a 'watching brief'. Where a project has the potential to kill or injure roosting bats, it is often necessary for specific works to be carried out under the direction and supervision of a Licenced Bat Worker. This might include the careful removal of tiles or fascia boards from a house, or the soft-felling of a tree containing a potential roost feature.

The requirement may be precautionary - arising from a risk which is then conditioned in the Decision Notice for Planning. It might also form a component of a Protected Species licence which ensures that works proceed legally. Site supervision helps you complete your project whilst staying on the right side of the law.


How can LSC help?

Our Licenced Bat Workers at LSC have extensive experience of conducting site supervision works on a range of projects from re-roofing works, demolition of buildings, and soft-felling of trees. Class 2 Handling licences from Natural England allow our Bat Workers to capture bats unexpectedly encountered during works, allowing them to be moved to a place of safety.

We know that the presence of an Ecologist can be frustrating when time and budgets are tight, and we work with contractors to minimise the inconvenience that a watching brief has upon their job.

We can provide day rates for supervision, or a fixed price if the schedule of works is clear.


One of our Licenced Bat Workers handling a pipistrelle bat with gloved hands.

One of our Licenced Bat Workers handling a pipistrelle bat with gloved hands.

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