Bat Surveys in and around Stamford

Why do I need a bat survey?

There are 17 species of bats which breed in the UK and all have suffered significant population declines over the last century. In an attempt to halt and reverse this decline, bats and their roosts are protected on both a UK and an EU level. Where a development proposal may impact upon roosting bats, an assessment is likely to be required to support a successful Planning Application. Following successful receipt of planning, a Protected Species licence may be required to allow works to proceed legally.


How can LSC help?

Our experienced team hold survey and handling licences, enabling us to undertake the surveys which your project needs to support Planning. In some instances, a building or ground-level tree inspection is sufficient to confirm that bats are highly unlikely to be present. Sometimes further inspection or activity surveys are required. Where the site is complex, and the impacts diverse, our team has the skills and equipment to undertake detailed assessments of species composition and habitat use. We also have an excellent track record in successfully obtaining Protected Species licences to allow a development to proceed, supported by our experience in developing appropriate and proportionate mitigation and habitat creation designs.

We are based in Grantham and work extensively in the local villages and towns including Stamford. We have recently undertaken surveys for home owners and developers in Uppingham, Oakham, Casterton, Burghley, Wittering and Market Deeping.

Find out more about the different survey types below, or contact us for advice on which surveys you would need to support your project.

Building Inspections

The baseline survey requirement where a building may support roosting bats.

Activity Surveys

Dusk and/or dawn surveys watching for bats leaving or returning to roosts.



Contact our experienced Ecologists for advice regarding bat surveys.