Bird Surveys: Breeding Bird Survey

What is a Breeding Bird Survey?

Breeding bird surveys are a means of establishing the assemblage of bird species on a site in the springtime, and assessing their use of the site. This may include nesting, foraging or fly-over.

The survey technique relies upon identification of species and characterisation of their behaviour through visual and aural techniques - identification of songs and calls is critical. The survey requires skill and experience to confidently identify these species, and understand what different behaviours tell us about how an individual bird is likely to be using the site. A detailed survey can support a robust assessment of how a species assemblage uses a site, the relative importance of different resources on the site, and what this might mean for your project.


How can LSC help?

Our expert Ornithologists have extensive experience in undertaking nesting bird surveys over a wide range of habitats and schemes, from arable landscapes for multi-phase housing schemes to the complex mosaics of habitats which develop on brownfield sites in city centres. We can draw upon this experience to provide robust baseline survey results for your site to provide the information you need to support Planning. Our team can assist with advice on avoidance or compensation/mitigation habitat based on the findings of the surveys.

Our surveys are completed to the Best Practice Guidelines outlined by the BTO, JNCC and RSPB , and our reports consistently provide the information required by our clients to secure Planning Permission.

A robin displaying territorial singing behaviour

A robin displaying territorial singing behaviour

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