Bird Surveys and Services

Why do I need a bird survey?

There are over 500 different species of birds recorded in the UK, and the species vary in their degree of protection. All breeding birds are protected on a UK level, making it an offence to disturb or destroy a nest from the beginning of nest construction through to the point where the chicks have fledged. With a few exceptions, all wild birds are also protected from killing and injuring. Some species have extra protections in place, especially when breeding, due to their rarity or their susceptibility to disturbance. There are other protections in place too, but those summarised above are the key concerns for construction and development.

Where your project may impact upon individual nests or birds; or where a project may have a significant impact upon foraging areas which are key to supporting a population or assemblage, surveys may be needed to identify these impacts and allow an appropriate methodology to be developed either to avoid or mitigate the effects.


How can LSC help?

Our experienced team includes specialist ornithologists who can undertake a range of different surveys depending on the site and proposals in question. This ranges from specialist surveys of key species, such as black redstart and little ringed plover, through to wintering and breeding bird surveys to understand the use of a site by an assemblage of birds, or simple pre-clearance nesting checks to confirm that your contractors can proceed with clearance without destroying any active nests.

Find out more about the different types of surveys below, or contact us for advice on which surveys you would need to support your project.

Pre-Clearance Nesting Surveys

Pre-clearance surveys to identify any nests present and ensure legislative compliance.

Specialist Surveys

Surveys for target species such as little ringed plover, barn owl or black redstart.

Breeding Bird Surveys

A survey designed to identify which species are present and breeding on site.

Habitat Design and Mitigation

Enhancement and mitigation design from installing bird boxes to extensive habitat creation

Wintering Bird Surveys

A survey designed to identify which species are present on site during the winter.


Contact our experienced Ornithologists for advice regarding bird surveys.