Botanical Surveys and Services

Why do I need a botanical survey?

The baseline ecological survey for most sites is a Phase 1 Habitat Survey. In these surveys, our experienced ecologists visit the site, identify different habitat types, and record the grasses, trees, shrubs and wildflowers within them. The species assemblage can tell you much about a site including its history, its recent and current management, and the species of fauna it can support. Many Local Planning Authorities will request a Phase 1 Habitat Survey to support a Planning Application.

Sometimes, the Phase 1 survey identifies that the site habitats are of higher value than they initially appear, or perhaps this is already known. Examples might include old hay meadow grasslands and ancient woodlands where the unique conditions required to support a plant community have developed over a long timeframe. In these sites, a more detailed assessment using the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) system is appropriate to allow the assemblage to be identified and put in context, both locally and nationally.

Occasionally, sites have individual features of interest such as rare orchid species which require identification and mapping so that they can be avoided, protected or translocated as part of a new development. Here, a targeted survey at the key time of year is appropriate for us to understand the distribution of the species within a site.


How can LSC help?

The Ecology team here at LSC have a high degree of technical competency to assess both habitats and individual species to support Phase 1 Habitat Assessments, NVC Assessments and targeted botanical surveys to search for key species.

Find out more about the different survey types below, or contact us for advice on which surveys you would need to support your project.

Phase 1 Habitat Assessments

Mapping and describing habitats and botanical species compositions across the site.

Hedgerow Regulations Surveys

Identify whether your onsite hedgerows are classified as 'Important' under the criteria listed in the Hedgerows Regulations

NVC Surveys

A more detailed survey to classify onsite habitats according to the NVC system.


Get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements and for advice on the surveys which are right for you!

Targeted Botanical Surveys

Specialist surveys for key species, adapted to your specific site requirements.