Ecology Input for BREEAM and CSH

How does an ecologist input into BREEAM and CSH?

BREEAM and CSH are two different techniques for measuring the Environmental Standards of new buildings.

Alongside inputs from a range of different disciplines, there are ecological inputs required to maximise the credits which your project can be awarded.  These are the Land Use and Ecology (LUE) criteria in BREEAM and the ECO criteria in CSH assessments. These criteria measure the ecological performance of the project, from selection of site through to the change in ecological value post-development and the provision of long-term measures to secure biodiversity gains.

Some of these credits can only be achieved with the input of a Suitably Qualified Ecologist (SQE); and the guidance and advice of an SQE can identify where further credits can be easily achieved through modifications in landscaping specification or the provision of enhancement measures.

An SQE report provides the BREEAM or CSH assessor with the information they require to grant your project the ecology credits it has earned.


How can LSC help?

We have several senior members of staff who are qualified as Suitably Qualified Ecologists (SQE's) and can therefore provide the site survey and reporting required by the BREEAM and CSH assessor. LSC have worked on a wide variety of schemes, from single homes through to retail complexes, large-scale housing developments, police stations, schools, colleges and hospitals.

We have extensive experience of providing this input, and of working alongside Landscape Architects and the Design Team to identify where and how you can maximise the ecological credits available to your scheme. Sometimes, this can be as simple as modifications in the species composition of new grassland planting, or sometimes it would require more significant measures such as a green roof. Expert advice and input can help you understand the options, explore the costs and benefits and make an informed decision about your scheme.

We can also provide you with the Ecological Management Plans which are essential to develop the long-term value of your soft landscaping, and conduct the post-development site compliance checks to provide the evidence required to secure your credits.

New planting provision on a BREEAM Excellent building where LSC acted as the SQE to the project.

New planting provision on a BREEAM Excellent building where LSC acted as the SQE to the project.

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