Ecological Services

Landscape Science Consultancy has provided high quality Ecological Services for over 25 years. Our skilled Ecologists can support your project every step of the way, from design-stage inputs through to a variety of report outputs - from simple Ecological Assessments to support small-scale Planning Applications through to Ecology Chapters for Environmental Statements and documentation to inform Appropriate Assessments.

Reports to inform Planning

Planners often require information on the ecological impact of a Proposed Development - our team provide reports tailored to the size, scale and requirements of your site.

Ecology Chapter for ES Submission

Our ecologists are experienced in the production of Ecology Chapters for inclusion within an Environmental Statement report in accordance with the EIA Guidelines.

Public Inquiry

Sometimes developments can require scrutiny at Planning or Public Inquiry - our Expert Witness certified ecologists can provide expert evidence and support you through this process.

Ecology Input for BREEAM & CSH

BREEAM and CSH assess the performance of a project against a range of environmental variables. Our Suitably Qualified Ecologists can produce evidence to support the ecology criteria.

Habitat Design

Our team can lead the design of new habitat, whether this is a new pond for great crested newts or landscape to support priority species, we have the skills and experience to support you.

Site Supervision

If your site requires Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) to ensure legislative compliance, or supervision of specific tasks which may impact protected species, our ecologists can help.

Management Plans

Whether new or existing, landscaped amenity or wildlife habitat, our team can produce a Management Plan to maximise the aesthetic and ecological value of your site.

Appropriate Assessment

If your project may impact upon European Protected Sites, our team can develop the documentation to support an Appropriate Assessment of your scheme.


Not sure of your requirements, or how we can best assist you? Get in touch with us to discuss your site and proposals with a member of our team.