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Great Crested Newt Surveys and Services

Why do I need a great crested newt survey?

The great crested newt is found across the UK and Europe, but is protected on a European level due to dramatic population declines across it's European range.  In an attempt to halt and reverse this decline, great crested newts are protected from disturbance, killing and injuring whilst their breeding and resting places are also protected from damage and destruction. Where a development proposal may impact upon great crested newts, either in their terrestrial or aquatic phase, an assessment is likely to be required to support a successful Planning Permission. Following successful receipt of planning, a Protected Species licence may be required to allow works to proceed legally.


How can LSC help?

Our experienced team hold survey licences, enabling us to undertake the surveys which your project needs to support Planning. In some instances, a Habitat Suitability Assessment (HSI) is sufficient to confirm that newts are highly unlikely to be present. Sometimes eDNA or other presence/absence surveys are required. Where the site is complex, and the impacts diverse, our team has the skills and equipment to undertake detailed assessments of habitat use and likely impact. We also have an excellent track record in successfully obtaining Protected Species licences to allow a development to proceed, supported by our experience in developing appropriate and proportionate mitigation and habitat creation designs.

Find out more about the different survey types below, or contact us for advice on which surveys you would need to support your project.

Habitat Suitability and eDNA


Baseline surveys to assess whether suitable habitat for newts exists on site.

Habitat Creation and Design

Design of replacement or enhancement habitat for great crested newts.

Presence/Absence and Population

Size Class Surveys

A survey designed to identify whether newts are present and estimate population size.

Licence Applications

Application for a Licence to permit works to go ahead legally.



Safely moving newts from your construction site to a safe receptor site under an EPS Mitigation Licence.


Contact our experienced Ecologists for advice regarding great crested newts.


New Licencing Policy EPSML Applications

The New Licensing Policies (NLP) introduced by Natural England at the end of 2016 offer great opportunities to remove the burden from developers whilst simultaneously securing real gains for newts and local biodiversity. Find out how NLP1 and NLP4 could benefit your scheme!