Bat Licence and Supervision of works for a Barn Conversion in Londonthorpe

LSC were approached by Vale Garden Houses in 2016 to undertake building inspections on a barn in Londonthorpe, just outside Grantham.

Our surveys identified a brown long-eared roost within the barn and we subsequently undertook further dusk and dawn activity surveys to establish how the bats were accessing and using the barn in accordance with Best Practise Guidelines.

Once the surveys were complete, LSC worked with the client and their architects to design a bat loft and access features which would create a dedicated roost space within the renovated barn, without compromising the living space and aesthetics of the final layout.

Using our survey baseline and proposed mitigation solution, LSC successfully obtained an European Protected Species Mitigation Licence (EPSML) from Natural England following receipt of Planning Permission from South Kesteven LPA.

In April 2017, one of our Licensed Bat Workers attended site to supervise the roof strip to accord with the licence conditions and ensure that no bats were present before works commenced. Before proceeding with the roof strip, we climbed an adjacent beech tree to install two bat boxes to provide a safe place to translocate any bats we encountered, and ensure provision of roosting opportunities whilst building works go ahead. Once the bat loft is completed, these boxes will stay in place as enhancement measures for the local bat populations.

We will be providing ongoing support and supervision for the installation of the bat roost features through summer 2017, and will subsequently monitor its use to determine the success of the mitigation features.

James Faulconbridge