Reptile Surveys: Translocation

What is a Reptile Translocation?

UK legislation protects reptiles from killing and injuring. If your site has a reptile population upon it, which is likely to be impacted by site clearance and development proposals, it is likely that you will be required to translocate the population to a safe location - often called a 'Receptor Site' - prior to works commencing.

Using a combination of habitat modification, capture using square felt tiles and hand searches of suitable natural or artificial refugia, the reptiles are captured by hand and removed from the site. This will often require fencing to keep the reptiles outside of the construction area whilst you clear it.

The time required for a translocation will depend upon the population size and the habitats in question - recommended clearance periods are outlined in Best Practice Guidance to provide a framework around which to plan these exercises.


How can LSC help?

We have undertaken translocations of all common reptile species in the UK, and can use this experience to design and conduct an efficient and effective translocation strategy for your site. We always consider the use of additional measures, such as reducing habitat quality through supervised strimming to create 'islands', to help to enhance trapping efficiency and therefore ensure that your time constraints and costs are minimised. Our experienced reptile workers are adept at capturing reptiles safely and humanely so that they can be moved to their new receptor site. Our services can also assist with surveys to establish baseline, design of mitigation and receptor site and supervision of clearance works.

Our surveys are completed to the Best Practice Guidelines outlined by the JNCC, and our reports consistently provide the information required by our clients to secure Planning Permission.

A slow worm captured by one of our ecologists for translocation to a receptor site.

A slow worm captured by one of our ecologists for translocation to a receptor site.

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